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LongGu Auto Parts Factory was founded in March 1996. It’s located in Hebei province LongYao industrial park, which is only 15 km away from G107, G4, highways and ShiWu highspeed train station. The company is privately owned and has established a complete set of smelting, casting, processing and sales system in the competitive industry.

Currently, LongGu Auto Parts Factory has 3 manufacturing base, the original base in 5 Acres size was founded in 1996, the second base is the newly built with 50 Acres, and the third one is an expansion which landed 83 Acres of space. There are more than 2000 workers and 58 engineers in the company, 150 advanced processing devices. Total asset is about 130 million dollars. The company has been certified by ISO/TSI6949 quality management system. By following the ISO/TSI6949 system guideline, our products are manufactured in high quality and professional manner, furthermore, our professional services are impressive to all our clients needed tailored solutions. Hebei LongGu Auto Parts was recognized as “The top trusted product quality company” and “The most influential brand in China mechanical industry”. LongGu brand was also recognized as "The best brand in city of Xingtai” and “The top famous brand in Hebei Province”.

The company’s main products are Axle, Suspension, Brake Drum, Brake Chamber, Brake Disc, Wheel Hub and Accessories related to the above. With the latest technology and high quality processing and product quality control, we have manufactured and provided around 1000 types of truck parts and 40 types of brake discs to Benz, BPW, Nissan, Volvo, BMW, etc.  LongGu’ Auto Parts’ quality products are trusted and exported more than 20 countries such as United States, Russia, Canada, Italy, Malaysia, Australia, Libya, Qatar, Dubai etc.

In 2012, LongGu Auto Parts Factory invested an expansion which covers an area of 83 acres with investment of 131.1 million yuan. After the completion of the expansion, our factory is capable of producing 24,000 tons of the brake drums, 18,000 tons of brake wheel hubs, 100,000 sets of brakes assembly and 300,000 pieces of brake shoes every year. Total annual sales revenue reached 100 million yuan. This project has substantially increased the productivity and profitability of the company, as well as that, it has contributed generously to the society.

In 2013, LongGu Auto Parts Factory responded positively to the call of national environmental protection, low energy and low consumption policy. As a leader of the industry, we destroyed the boiler which did not meet the high standard, in order to be dedicated to the environment protection.

In May 2014, the Congo’s transportation minister visited LongGu Auto Parts Factory and reached a cooperation intention of establishing an office in Congo. This brings a significant impact to our business development.

In July 2014, our factory invest over 1,000,000 yuan to build a workshop for axle assembly and R&D, which creates conveniences to customer’s experiences, furthermore reduces the cost of customers and improves the company efficiency.

In September 2014, the headquarter of LongGu negotiated with Sanyi Group and reached a cooperation intention. Together, we have set up the trading companies in Dubai and Canada.  LongGu Auto Parts are well spread to the world.

For the best of future, our factory will invest a production line in 2015 with casting production which will greatly reduce the labor cost and increase production efficiency. With the high level quality products, LongGu Auto Parts will be fulfilled with the new markets, new image, and the new branding!